Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Togetherness and seprateness

and he walks with me and talks with me
and tells me I am his own.
the joy we shared as we lingered there
no other has ever known.

funny how biblical religious tunes are indistinguishable except by context from monogamy love tunes. Merle Haggard and Anne Murray each sang In the Garden

found a note on that old guitar
and she believed I could be a star,
told me that she wanted to be fair,
I won't hold you down, boy
you're star bound and we can't share
a world of different dreams

Dixie. LA nights burn like hell once you know, you left heaven down a dixie road.

Country music is different because loss is the common denominator. Inevitable loneliness not because of existential state of being separate but someone is always leaving, gone.

In Christian tunes a brutal killing is the source of hope. No wonder emotions are so inversed with this seed to children.

All the music I ever internalized came before age 10.  Sunk deep and useless as teeth drifting away from their skull in the mud.