Tuesday, June 24, 2014

country with all its fixings needed

The Coward of the County

The story of the boy, what his dad said to him and how he was forced into going against his word because his girlfriend was gang-raped and this was about him being incited. She's incidental. The real story is him losing his temper going ballistic and what, killing them all? Punching them all out like Jackie Chan on speed? She's a plot device in his life and never given a blithering word of script.

And Lucille

At least she speaks, even if it related thru him. Somehow in Lucille the story is really about the man who would take her home and the man she left. Lucille is title but footnote. He's there for a good time. But so is she. Does he condemn himself as well as her? He concludes she's still a lady and whether by him not tarnishing her or her being untarnishable by sex is ambiguous.

Let's see, random poll of 1982

Someone could Lose a Heart Tonight. Who is the you? "All this heavy breathing. I'm falling under the spell you're weaving. Baby, if you don't stop, someone could lose a heart"? Could be a male second person. The onus is on the other for pushing. Deflecting one's own responsibility. Or saying point of no return is imminent.

There can be more of a sense of two people, as where she told me,

"I'm Gonna Hire a Wino to Decorate Our Home, so you'll feel more at ease here, and you won't need to roam. I'll take out the dining table, put sawdust on the floor, cook homegrown eggs and..." Country spar and spur humour.

She Got the Goldmine, I got the Shaft. "The judge split it right down the middle and then he gives her the better half. Well it all sounds kinda funny but it hurts too much to laugh..."

War is Hell on the Homefront too. That's kinda Mrs. Robinson of trying to woo the boy who comes to come delivery groceries. Because apparently woman can't masturbate. "Lord only knows what a woman goes thru when she still needs what a man that's gone can't do. I can't fight this fire alone. Stay with me until it's gone"

It Ain't Easy Being Easy by Fricke. As in making that il-advised call to the one you already got away from with good sense "No, it ain't easy when you're needing someone/And it ain't easy being under the gun/ And I'll surrender even though I should run/ And it ain't easy being easy

52 weeks, all-male bands or male duets, or male singer except for 6 female singers plus one duet of Just You and I.

1984 was slightly more balanced with 11 females, female duets or group with a female out of 52.

I'm not listening anymore but what happened last year? 2013 things stay on the charts longer. Wow, only 2 weeks of bands also have females. No soloists in the charts. One male and female duet. What do females sing in the backup to?

They are what to acquire along with the truck.

girls 'round here yep, they still love me
Yeah, the girls 'round here, they all deserve a whistle
Shakin' that sugar, sweet as Dixie crystal
They like that y'all and southern drawl
And just can't help it cause they just keep fallin'
For boys 'round here.

Read more at Boys 'Round Here

Maybe I'd be better off in no lyrics classic but that's a rattletrap of drama too.

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